What is the home automation system?
"Home automation" Or "Smart home"
"Home automation" Or "Smart home" that means we will control all electrical appliances Within the house at the touch of a finger No, it's just a fantasy anymore. With today's technology Will make the following imagination happen Where we do not need to make wiring difficult anymore No need to start the system. Since the house just started to build Which takes a long time No wiring costs Would like to add additional control points in the future, with unlimited access. It only takes 1-2 days to install the system for 1 house to be set to be an anti-theft system. Come and experience the technology called Z-Wave. Look, you will be fascinated by this technology.
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FIBARO is the world's leading brand, which is a manufacturer of home automation equipment. FIBARO is the fastest growing company. In the group of Home Automation products, there is a factory producing itself with one of the most advanced technology in Europe.
FIBARO manufactures and designs both software and hardware products. And one that is considered very outstanding is Focusing on the design of luxury product design, modern style Including being compact But still strong and durable Not only products Also including the packaging box, maintaining the luxury style There are styles as well.
FIBARO is available in over 5 continents, more than 1/4 of all countries in the world. Although the company had just started in 2011

The FIBARO system is designed to make life easier and more convenient. Help you save time and energy Including focusing on the interface design to be easy for users
The FIBARO system is not just a wireless system like a conventional system. But with a reliable system and organization, you will feel like having a personal manager at your home.
One purpose of FIBARO and SMARTHOME ASIA same is to be the leader in the service of automation. Which is not only limited to homes, but every building, whether it is hotels, offices, hospitals, agriculture, etc., can be applied to help you to have a simpler and more comfortable life

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