Facilitate patients Without having to Get out of the patient's bed Can control the device Everything in the room can be all

Lighting system
Air conditioning
Intercom system
Electric curtain system
Front door system
Door / window system
Scene system
Multimedia system
CCTV system
Notification system
Tree watering system
Sensor system
Smart hospital
More than convenience
Increase comfort for the sick

The curtain system automatically opens - closes according to the intensity of the light that has been configured for Each room of the patient
The air conditioner is opened with temperature to suit the condition of the patient. Including moisture measurement Room temperature To adjust the temperature as well as the air purification system to work automatically
Use the light of the RGB lights as a feature to alert the patient. That it is time to take medicine Or the time has elapsed, etc.
Patients, including patients' relatives Can communicate both image and sound through the intercom of the system with a nurse or doctor in a clear and timely manner
Motion sensor
Motion detection in the bathroom Ready to turn off the lights automatically
Scene sleep
Was opened in the bedroom, the patient slowly dipped the light down the curtain, closed down, closed the TV and adjusted the air temperature appropriately
Flood sensor
Stick in the bathroom To prevent patients from slipping in the bathroom
Panic Button
Stick to the bathroom In an emergency