Than the general anti-theft system with intelligent anti-theft system, connect and work with all other devices, with all emergency notification systems. To contact you

Lighting system
Air conditioning
Intercom system
Electric curtain system
Front door system
Scene system
Multimedia system
CCTV system
Notification system
Tree watering system
ระบบ Smart Security
Safety Fire
Keep the house in your eyes, anytime, anywhere

03:03:12 pm
Smoke detector alerts you via mobile phone
03:03:14 pm
The alarm system is on. When encountering an emergency fire incident
03:03:15 pm
All the lights in the house will be switched to flag mode so that the event is clearly visible. Including your neighbors too
03:03:17 pm
The system opens all windows in the house. Pull up the curtain roll up, open the garage door and unlock. Every door
03:03:18 pm
The system will cut gas. Meanwhile Open the ventilation system
03:03:21 pm
Turn off all air conditioners. Ready to open the sprinkle system
03:03:22 pm
The loudspeaker system turns on the fire alarm alert
03:03:23 pm
The family and you hurry to escape. With a call to inform the fire center