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“Year 8 to become the only one who receives
Certificate of authorized B2B distributor”
With the leading position in the Smart home system for more than 8 years, the company has been trusted. And appointed as a system integrator of leading companies like SAMSUNG with new products like "Samsung Smart things" and VDA Asia Pacific, a manufacturer of luxury switches under the brand "Vitrum" from Italy

And with more than 10 years of experience in the IT industry, we have searched for products To be suitable for the technology era, the "Internet of Things" that has been awarded the world standard Including the quality that suits the price and the needs of the customer In all market segments Enabling us to gain trust from the product owner Home Automation Leading the world To be a representative Selling those products in Thailand

And we also have a distributor with an engineer support team with knowledge and expertise And product experience All types imported To explain and provide services to customers for knowledge Understanding of the basic details Of products in the product quickly To facilitate decision making Buy each product And important things We will continue to adhere to the slogan.
Confident and confident that we take care and serve you
In conducting business with integrity with customers By selling quality products And good before and after sales services to customers Which is an important base for the company to grow into a bigger and stronger new house
Geared towards leadership Automation and Security
To create and respond to Modern technology (IoT) with quality products To meet the needs of all market segments Both quality and service
We are committed to being the leader in Automation and Security with the image to be trustworthy of our customers and gain trust from consumers forever.
We strive to find products that meet modern technology. With quality as well as providing excellent service, not abandoning both old and new customers
We are committed to creating and expanding sales and marketing networks to cover both internal And international partners
Various products Which we selected We consider the quality of the product, the appearance, the elegant design. Strong and durable materials including easy to use applications And not complicated, complicated for customers All through the trial process until confident from us Before bringing to market Which can be seen that All our brands have won many awards and are recognized by the global market around the world.
"Real care, don't leave customers" is our policy
We dare to guarantee products for up to 1 full year
Online problem solving service within 24 hours
Edit, modify the program for free even after installing
Ensuring system installation With a professional team