Change the office to become a Smart Office to help reduce the process of preparing a meeting room. Reduce wasteful electrical energy Determine the working conditions of the device to be precise.

Lighting system
Air conditioning
Intercom system
Electric curtain system
Front door system
Door / window system
Scene system
Multimedia system
CCTV system
Notification system
Tree watering system
Sensor system
Smart Office System
Smart office
More than intelligence office
Prepare to work as well as start working.

06:00 am
Anti-theft system, turn off the office door, open, wait for employees to work
06:45 am
Air is open for work. Turn the lights on the hallway in the office room.
07:00 am
Curtains in the office, exposure to light, hot water, open
08:20 am
Turn on the air, microphone, projector, including the curtain. To prepare for Morning meeting
09:30 am
Close the air conditioning system in the meeting room after the meeting.
10:30 am
The temperature is too cold that is set to turn off some air conditioners to save energy.
13:30 pm
The light intensity sensor closes the curtain as well as turning on the light at some point to get the right lux to work.
16:50 pm
Close various electrical appliances in the pantry room.
17:20 pm
Turn off the air, turn off the lights, close the curtains, turn on the anti-theft system. With office door lock