Intelligent home system That will facilitate your life To make your life easier The system must have the following control capabilities.

Lighting system
Air conditioning
Intercom system
Electric curtain system
Front door system
Door / window system
Scene system
Multimedia system
CCTV system
Notification system
Tree watering system
Sensor system
" Before having SMART HOME "
"After having SMART HOME"
Perfect wake up
Let FIBARO help manage daily life every morning to be easier and more convenient.

06:00 am
Turn on the fan and turn off the air purifier. In your bedroom
06:10 am
Turn off the air conditioner in the bedroom. With TV And listen to the news, get dawn in your favorite channel
06:30 am
The lights in the bathroom are open. For you to be ready to take a shower to prepare for a new day Aisle lights to the dressing room Open to guide you along with the selection. Favorite clothes
07:00 am
Curtains gradually open to the sun.
07:25 am
Automatic fertilizer machine works according to the set time.
07:26 am
You are ready to walk downstairs, fan light, TV, air purifier. Where the bedroom was shut down After the bedroom door was locked
07:30 am
You come downstairs With aromatic coffee aroma With curtains on the ground floor Was open and waiting for the sun You sit and sip coffee before going to work for a while. With soft music
07:40 am
You are ready to go to work. All electrical equipment was shut down. Lock the front door Ready to enter the anti-theft mode Let you worry When you go out