Modern and current technology To increase productivity
agriculture with a system to provide intelligent fertilizer that has never been anywhere

Lighting system
Air conditioning
Intercom system
Electric curtain system
Front door system
Scene system
Multimedia system
CCTV system
Notification system
Tree watering system
Smart farm
Plant nurseries in your hand  
Cultivate nursery easily in the palm of your hand

05:50 am
The motor ordered to open the roof of the house. To open the morning light
06:00 am
The first sprinkler system started working
06:05 am
When the soil moisture and flood sensor alert comes to the phone. That the level is appropriate Will order to close the watering system Ready to close the house roof
06:15 am
The solar cell panel starts working on a weather sensor, measuring air temp, relative humidity, light intensity, wind speed, air pressure, dew point starts and reports to your phone.
06:30 am
Automatic fertilizers work according to the set time
10:30 am
There are alert alerts to your mobile phone that The temperature is above the specified value. You check the camera Basically what is wrong or not But you are not complacent You hurried to the nursery immediately.
10:32 am
You have ordered the ventilation fan. Including the fan in the house because of the cuttings For cooling In the nursery immediately
10:50 pm
Information from everything from a weather sensor back to normal during the day. You check the reports from the sensor and can adjust the watering system. Fertilizer as needed Through your phone