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Octan Remote
Z-Wave NodOn® Octan Remote is a four button wireless remote controller that lets you take remote control of connected Z-Wave devices in your home automation network. It can either be used as the primary controller of your home automation or can even be used as the secondary controller in conjunction with a smart Z-Wave gateway Wireless and Powerful Z-Wave Remote Control Remotely Control Z-Wave devices Trigger Scenes Spill and Shock resistant Light-weight and Easy-to-use
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    Besides being smart, the smart controller is also compact and light-weight, making it one of the easiest and handiest way to wirelessly control all the Z-Wave connected devices in your home. It's also spill and shock resistant, and comes with an embedded magnet, providing you the flexibility to attach the device on any metallic surface in your home-- right from heater to fridge door.

    Control Z-Wave devices wirelessly

    Z-Wave NodOn® Octan Remote can be configured to wirelessly control a wide array of Z-Wave devices in your home. It can be used to control to 4 different groups of 8 devices or 16 different scenes of a home automation gateway. When used indoors, the remote control can be configured to operate and control any Z-Wave device that's within 40 metres of distance.

    Superior Battery Life

    NodOn® Octan Remote is powered a light-weight battery (CR2032) that provides a superior battery life of two years, while providing seamless connectivity and convenience.

    Light-weight and Convenient

    Z-Wave NodOn® Octan Remote is extremely light-weight and easy to carry around. It's also shock and spill resistant, and comes with an embedded magnet, making it an easy and convenient choice for day-to-day usage.


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Model: NODECRC3100